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A Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan has been commissioned by Donegal County Council’s Regeneration & Development Team for Ballyshannon to provide an evidenced framework that will set out the future regeneration aspirations and priorities for the town. GM Design Associates are an Architectural, Landscape and Planning practice who are assisting the Council with this project.

The Strategy will be developed in consultation with the local community and will provide assistance to a wide range of public and private stake-holders such as landowners, business owners, local community groups, statutory bodies and public authorities. The aim of the Strategy is to bring about meaningful and long lasting renewal and regeneration within Ballyshannon through a range of ideas, actions and projects that if implemented will result in economic and social benefits and will help to secure a vibrant future for Ballyshannon as a destination town with a distinctive sense of place. The Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan will establish a road map for the reinvention; re-imagining and place-making of the town centre that will help facilitate the unlocking of its unique potential including the high quality physical environment and exceptional cultural and historical heritage, as well as its coastal and riverside setting.

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We want you as a citizen of Ballyshannon and an important community, social, business and cultural sector stakeholder, to share your thoughts, on the Draft Ballyshannon Town Centre Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan. Your feedback enriches the process and helps ensure that the Strategy is suitably tailored to the specific needs of the community & local economy.

Please use the following tiles to view the associated documents, and get in touch with us via the contact section of this site. A streetside public consultation session is planned for the afternoon of Friday 30th July 2021 and details of this will be available on the project website, Facebook and Twitter pages

Our period of public consultation for the Draft Strategy & Action Plan is now open and will run from Tuesday 20th July to Wednesday 1st September 2021.


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